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How To Choose My Wedding Dress

Essential advice on How To Choose My Wedding Dress and what to choose, with thousands of choices, do your homework and ask the professionals.

Wedding dresses are our favourite subject, we spend hours looking at the new designs and trends. Why not visit one of our wedding fairs, they are a great place to see those wedding gowns, close up. Get a good idea of the latest styles and trends, know your budget and enjoy the search. Looking for something and can’t find it drop us a message and we can help you find what your looking for.

What To Ask Yourself

Your Wedding Dress is probably the most important dress you will ever wear and you will find that everyone has an opinion about what makes the perfect wedding dress. This is the one day when you can be as demure or as outrageous as you wish, you are going to be a fairytale princess for the day whether you are shy or sassy, that inner princess will be gorgeous. So, put your hang-ups away and stop listening to other peoples ideas of what constitutes a beautiful dress, ignore disparaging comments, and consider what you like. You’ll know when you find it.

Before you search ask yourself a few important questions:

  • What do you want to emphasise, and what do you want to hide?
  • Which colours suit you? Are you a pastel girl or do prefer stronger colours?
  • Do you like white or ivory?
  • Perhaps you could try a brighter colour or accentuate accessories with bold colours.
  • Do want to look shorter or taller?
  • Are you traditional or contemporary?

Buying New

When considering a brand new wedding gown the ideal place to start is picking up a few regional and/or national wedding magazines or searching the internet for wedding directories and local boutiques.

Secondly, visit some wedding fairs, they are a great place to find boutiques in your local area, as they never travel far from their retail shops. Here you will find expert opinions and a selection of carefully chosen gowns and accessories to entice you to make an appointment.

Thirdly, make appointments with your chosen boutiques where you’ll see a stock of all the seasons new looks, as well as traditional styles, with great advice and guidance from those that have dressed many brides and are best positioned to give you an honest opinion of what will suit you best. Be prepared to try on wedding gowns that may not be a perfect fit or not even in your size, as nearly all gowns are made to order or sized to fit.

Please don’t fall into the trap of buying a cheap wholesale dress from China… they rarely arrive in time and or similar to the images you’ve seen on the internet. The material is normally inferior and the fit rarely matches the sizes requested. The misery of receiving a dress not fit for its purpose, far outweighs the benefits.

Gown prices can vary from £250, if you catch an off the peg dress in a Sale to over £5,000. Just let the boutiques know what you budget is and they will endeavour to show you dresses in your price range.

Delivery time can be up to 6 months or more so make sure that you visit and order in good time. 12 weeks is normally the minimum but we highly recommend you order well in advance, to take into consideration any alterations.

Once your gown arrives, the boutique will either provide you with an alteration service, if needed or certainly point you in the right direction. Remember to take into consideration any weight changes, diets or pregnancy when choosing the correct size.


Second Hand

When considering a pre-worn wedding gown, there are many aspects to consider. Has it been shortened? Has it been physically altered to corrupt the size; is the top half a size 10 and the bottom half remaining a size 14? When altered to fit individuals it can be difficult to fit to anyone else. Was it cleaned immediately after being worn or has it languished dirty in a box for a couple of years. Delicate fabrics do not withstand the acids that are present in perspiration and can look fine until put under any strain there is no magic repair that can turn back the effect of time.

This all sounds very scary but don’t let this put you off as long as you are careful about the source of the wedding dress and can try it on before you buy all will be well. Using a third party agency is a safer way of purchasing your wedding gown, as buying blindly from on line internet sources can be troublesome unless you exercise great care.

Buying from the internet is effectively buying unseen. There may be an image of the wedding dress but what guarantees do you have that it will still be as good as it looks? Look at where the wedding photograph is taken, is it on grass? There may be mud and grass stains along the hem and train. Remember that you are looking at a brand new wedding dress being worn for the first time. Has it been stressed and pushed to the limit, will the bones be bent, will the seams be starting to shred. Has any beading been lost wedding dresses are incredibly fragile. Wedding celebrations and lots of hugging and dancing can all damage the delicate needlework.

Ask how the wedding dress was stored after the wedding; has it been cleaned? Has it been altered, or shortened, are there any stains, what is the veil condition like, cigarettes can burn holes in veils without anyone noticing. Are there any food or wine stains, a big wedding dress can brush unseen onto food, if not cleaned immediately then stains cannot easily be removed. Pollen stains from wedding bouquets are a classic example of indelible stains. If buying the wedding shoes remember fabric shoes will not clean. Once marked, they are usually beyond repair.

A wedding dress agency can take the risk factor out of buying a pre-owned gown. There are many benefits, wedding dresses are instantly available, you can be assured that your wedding gown will suit you from the moment you try it on. It is also worth checking out local charity shops and second hand designer clothes boutique many will have wedding dresses and of course you can try them on.