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Wedding Gift Registry – Wedding Advice

Wedding Gift Registry ideas for your wedding gift list, with the advent of the internet the choices are now endless. Some advice and ideas to help you find what’s best for you. Gift Registry options have changed over the years and can now be as fun and flexible as you want. Keep it personal have fun and make it memorable. We bought the traditional dinner service years ago when we married. We take great pride in using it for all those family parties and special celebrations. Most important remember that all your guests may not have the same budget make sure they are all catered for.

Why choose a gift registry?

It makes things simple you and your guests can select a gift without having to travel from retailer to retailer. You choose the gifts you would like and your guests know that you will like the gift they have purchased. No more duplicated gifts, no more who bought us the butter dish as you will be given a full list from the gift registry company.

There are many high street retailers now offering this service along with many online. Have a search around and descide which is the best for you.

Ultra-convenient: There’s no getting away from it, you have a lot to organise for your Big Day. A professionally managed gift list can help alleviate some of the burden by taking pretty much all of the management of the gift process away from you.


Professionally managed

This is probably the first time you will have managed a gift list – the experts do it day in and day out, so why not leave it to the pro’s?

Delivery: A lot of gift lists ran by major high street outlets allow gifts to be bought by guests then collected from the local branch at a time convenient to the Bride and Groom (normally on return from honeymoon). Some gift lists will also offer a free bulk delivery service to a pre-agreed location, usually the Bride and Groom’s house.

Wrapping: Some gift lists will take the hassle out of dressing the items by offering a gift wrapping service. If you’re after a return to your childhood when there was never a better feeling than ripping paper off presents, then this could be right up your street.

Simple to set up: Not only simple, but also quite fun! A half day spent choosing the various elements of your gift list will be all you need – it’s the ultimate shopping trip with the added advantage that you need not spend a penny.

Large Selections: The vast majority of gift list providers will offer huge choice with virtually everything you want under one roof.

Deals / Discounts: Not offered everywhere so it’s worth shopping around, but many outlets will offer gift vouchers or percentage discounts on un-purchased items from their gift list.

Multi-purchase options: Wedding gift lists make full use of modern technology whilst at the same time not excluding those from an older generation. Depending upon who you have chosen to manage the gift list, purchases can usually be made in-store, by phone or even online – the same goes for when you want to check up on how things are going.

Website Integration: For those couples who have decided to have a wedding website constructed, gift lists can be linked to your website allowing guests to make purchases at the same time as checking what the vegetarian option is!

For those of you who decided to use a professional service to manage the gift, make sure that you shop around to choose the best provider for your needs. Certain exclusive outlets will charge a consultation fee although most are free.

Some shops will offer discounts or incentives whilst others won’t. Some are specialist in a particular field and can provide a much greater choice. Price can vary greatly so get an idea of price comparisons before you start – treat it as if it were your cash you were spending. Most importantly, some outlets are well established and will still be in operation when you get married and won’t have run off with all your cash – make sure you get a reputable supplier!


DIY & Alternative Lists

Shopping around for your gifts can be time consuming, but also immense fun.

Find the products, search the high street, smaller independent specialist stores, & many independent galleries will be more than willing to help you choose those perfect gifts. Remember that all your guests will not have the same spending power so ensure that the list contains gifts that cater for everybody’s budgets.

Honeymoon gift lists: many couples are choosing this way to fund that ultimate escape, there are lots of websites & travel agents dedicated to providing this service, but ensure you shop around to ensure you are getting the best deal not only for you but the guests that are paying into the scheme for you.

That something special: Perhaps you have seen that wonderful picture hanging in the local gallery window, that’s just out of your price range, you would love to have it hanging at home to remember all your special family and friends or even commission a piece of work. Setup a bank account and have your guests pay in what they can afford, then purchases the gift with the funds available. There are also websites that can help with this, allowing guests to leave personal messages as they make there gift to you.