Bridal Body Coach - Health & Fitness Coach

Bridal Body Coach – Health & Fitness Coach – North Yorkshire

The Bridal Body Coach is Amy Victoria a hugely recognised personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle coach both in the UK and Europe. Her passion is helping brides to be transform their bodies and mind for their big day. Whether that’s fat loss or muscle gain, three months or eighteen months to the wedding, Amy is your go to professional!

Every bride is unique, what works for one may not work for another. Your training program and nutrition plan is as unique as you are. The plan is created specifically for YOU! This means that you will get better results, faster than you have ever experienced before. Above all, you will never feel deprived of the foods that you like and will certainly achieve your goals! We supply you with an education not just a quick fix to losing weight as well as constant support throughout your journey!

Online plans include custom nutrition, custom exercise, free app access including private profile and video demonstrations, an education and weekly check ins with Amy Victoria!
1-on-1 coaching sessions subject to availability.

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